Three days of innovative insights and recommendations
11:00am – 11:45am

Part 1: Slow Roll to Recovery, Innovation Shifts

The first theme of the session will look at what forecasted recovery will look like given the many obstacles in the way, such as unemployment and debt. It will explore how the future economic environment will favor chains over independents, discuss the role of physical foodservice sites in a post-pandemic world, review margin challenges and traffic declines hindering rebuilding, and ultimately help you understand how to account for bumps in your recovery process. We’ll then turn our attention to why operators are focusing more and more on running efficient and profitable operations over culinary experimentation in order to solve for operational challenges, and how this affects your product pipeline, as well as your sales and marketing strategies.
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Senior Principal

12:00pm – 12:45pm

Part 2: Decompartmentalization, Need for Simplicity, Connection is Key

Consumers’ new jumbled routines have many blending family life with their careers. This is leading to changes within foodservice channels, including more blurred lines. In this second installment of our program, we’ll help you understand how the muddling of work and family lives will affect dayparts and off-premise business, as well inform you how to better sell to operators throughout the pandemic and beyond. Next, we’ll discuss how consumers are looking to simplify their lives, and why restaurant operators are following suite. We’ll examine what the growing importance of a “less is more” strategy for both menu and in operational practices means for your planning and product development purposes. Lastly, we’ll highlight why connection is an integral part of the foodservice experience, what connection will look like after the pandemic and how you can be a better partner to operators as they navigate a growing need to build connective restaurant experiences. Register now »


Senior Research Manager, Menu

Senior Managing Editor

Director, Consumer and Industry Insights

1:00pm – 1:45pm

Operator Guest Speaker – Pollo Campero

Federico Valiente, director of marketing at Pollo Campero, will join us and share how the brand has navigated the pandemic thus far, including menu and operational innovations. He’ll also discuss post-pandemic plans for growth related to our reinvention themes and how manufacturers can support Pollo Campero during this time.


Director of Marketing, Pollo Campero